About Us

Mission Statement:

The Political Action Committee for Model Aviation is committed to the protection of the recreational model aircraft hobby. The Committee will inform candidates about public policy issues related to the hobby and support those who are dedicated to reducing the heavily burdensome regulations being implemented.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Political Action Committee (PAC)?

A PAC is an organization that financially supports political candidates and legislation. A PAC shows elected officials that your community is serious about advocacy. PAC funds are strictly regulated by the Federal Election Commission and are used by political candidates to defray campaign costs. The PAC for Model Aviation is a nonprofit corporation organized exclusively as a political organization within the meaning of Section 527(e)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, or the corresponding provision of any future United States internal revenue law (the “Code”), and as a nonconnected Political Action Committee registered with the Federal Election Commission (“FEC”).

What is the purpose of the PAC for Model Aviation?

To educate people about the positions of federal candidates on a wide range of important public policy issues, particularly matters related to the model aviation industry. The PAC for Model Aviation also provides the opportunity to join model aviation enthusiasts together to participate in the democratic process by collecting funds on a voluntary basis to be used for support of or opposition to candidates for federal political office.

Is the PAC for Model Aviation associated with the Academy of Model Aeronautics?

The PAC for Model Aviation is a supporting member of the AMA Government Advocacy Coalition but has no other affiliation to AMA. While we support many of the same missions, AMA’s 501c3 status prohibits supporting political candidates.

Why should I donate to the PAC for Model Aviation?

The model aviation community needs to gain some champions on the Hill. We have the support of many offices, but there are many members of congress that are indifferent to our situation. Our focus will be to support our current champions and find new ones that will help us push pro-model aviation legislation and apply pressure on the FAA. In addition to finding champions, we must also support candidates running against those who pose a risk to model aviation.

Who is the PAC for Model Aviation?

The PAC board is made up of volunteers, each with a vested interest in and years of legislative and regulatory experience in dealing with model aviation.

Is my donation tax deductible?

No. According to the IRS: “You can’t deduct contributions made to a political candidate, a campaign committee, or a newsletter fund. Advertisements in convention bulletins and admissions to dinners or programs that benefit a political party or political candidate aren’t deductible.” This includes political action committees, as well.

Which candidates will you support?

The PAC for Model Aviation supports candidates, regardless of party affiliation, who recognize and support our freedom to fly. Among other things, the Pac for Model Aviation looks closely at candidate’s record, past support for aviation, committee assignments, leadership positions and political vulnerability.

The PAC for Model Aviation can give $5,000 to candidates per election (primary, general, special, etc.). In addition, the PAC for Model Aviation can give $15,000 annually to national party committees and $5,000 annually to other PACs, state parties and leadership PACs.

If I make a donation to the PAC for Model Aviation, can I designate which candidate receives the funds?

Each individual’s donation is pooled with all other contributions so that each dollar goes further than if a person contributed to a politician on their own. Because contributions are pooled, we are not able to accommodate individual donor’s requests on where funds are directed.

The PAC for Model Aviation is a completely non-partisan entity and its primary goal is to help elect a pro-model aviation majority in Congress. We do not consider a candidates’ party affiliation or positions on non-aviation-related issues when considering a contribution to an individual candidate.